Display  #0836 - $36.00
You asked for it! Loose-Neck™ Collection made it for you! Blister packaged, UPC coded Loose-Neck Turtles in 36 Piece Displays. Available in four different styles.  All packaged Turtles come with Velcro dots that allow them to stick to almost any surface. 

Display #0779 - $36.00
The Watch Turtles™ can stick to computer, dashboards or any surface that needs to be watched.  The Lucky Turtle™ is guaranteed to bring you good luck.  There is a Truck Driver Buddie™ Turtle that rides shotgun with you on all your long trips and the Indian Tribe™ Turtle that are just plain fun!

Display #0636 - $36.00

Display #0536 - $36.00

Display #0400 - $72.00
Jumping Beans Displays (Real Mexican Jumping Beans) are blister packed five beans per package and come UPC coded.  Each display holds 120 packages. Jumping Beans are seasonal and are only available from early Summer to early Spring . With the best cost in the industry you will receive a more than generous return on your investment.  These displays sold like hot cakes last year!  Order early!

Display #0940 - $39.60
Gobble, Gobble, who has the Bobble?
Loose-Necks™ Turkey Displays!
Every display comes with 36 pieces of these adorable creatures. Each one is individually hand painted and hand carved. Whether they are used to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table or just for fun
Tiny Turkeys are the one!

Clip Strip #0846- $48.00
Is Counter Space a Problem?
 We have the solution!
This 48 Piece Pre Pack comes
with 6 clip strips
and 8 Watch Turtles on each strip.

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