Welcome To Loose-Neck™ Land

nce upon a time, in a far off land lived Mr. and Mrs. Loose-Neck™ P. Turtle. They lived  in a beautiful pond made for them by the great turtle fairies.  The couple were very much in love and very happy together (well almost). There was just one thing missing in their somewhat perfect lives. Little Loose-Neck™ children. They decided that they would call upon the Turtle  fairies to see if they would bless them once again. The next  morning when they arose at dawn, they were astounded at what  they saw. Thousands upon thousands of Mini Loose-Neck™  Turtles! The fairies created each turtle differently, in many beautiful colors and sizes. What a blessing to bestow. So much  so, that they both have chosen to share their family with you.  Order today and make someone as happy as Mr. and Mrs. Loose-Neck P. Turtle.
The End (well  almost)

Each Loose-Neck™ is individually hand-carved and hand-painted from the pit of a dried tropical fruit and the inside is carved out. The head is made from wood and a needle and thread tie the head to the pit creating the bobble. They range in size from a nickle to a half dollar and no two are alike.







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